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Fine furniture that’s fresh and fashion forward.

Southern Furniture has been around for almost a century — but our design savvy is more spirited, on trend and eye-catching than ever.

American made and North Carolina manufactured, Southern’s hand-crafted furniture adds a contemporary twist to traditional. The result: a statement-making final product that’s a perfect fit for your space and your distinct style. Everything we do is carried out with great care, from our relationships to our sustainability practices to our commitment to superior craftsmanship. You can always count on Southern for a little inventiveness and a whole lot of integrity — because that’s been our story from the very start. After all, we believe furniture doesn’t just serve a purpose; it enriches life. 
That’s why we start each day with a simple mission: Let’s make something great — together.

Care, creativity and craftsmanship

That’s been the hallmark of the Southern brand since we began making our mark in the furniture upholstery business in 1926.

From day one, we’ve put a ton of heart, soul and expertise into everything we do — with a passion that keeps us young, relevant and driven to meet the needs of today’s consumers. In an era when mergers and buyouts have converted most furniture companies into divisions of huge conglomerates, Southern Furniture keeps our commitment to customers by holding true to our values as a family business. Our founder’s son, Jerome W. Bolick, serves as Chairman of the Board. His wife Linda is Vice President and Secretary, and daughter Judith is Assistant Secretary. The Southern family history covers a distinctive, century-long journey with many special highlights along the way.

The 1880s

A sense of invention that caught the eye of Henry Ford

Jerome Bolick and Sons Company opens its doors as a wholesaler of “High Grade” buggies, including the invention of steel wire hub and spoke wheels. The idea for the invention is purchased by none other than Henry Ford to outfit his new 1928 Model A.

The 1920s

As industries changed, so did we

Oscar W. Bolick, Sr. founds Southern Furniture Company, transitioning from the upholstery of buggy seats and backs to furniture. The company opens in 1927 with two employees. Southern weathers the Great Depression, and throughout the years continues to sell furniture mostly in the New York area, with Macy’s as our primary customer.

The 1950s

Our family tradition has kept us strong

Jerome W. Bolick, Oscar’s son, joins the family business after graduating from The University of North Carolina and serving two years in the U.S. Navy. “When I joined the business full-time, I had the title of vice president, but I did whatever needed doing,” Bolick recalls.

The 1960s

Our community makes all the difference

Southern Furniture opens new offices and an impressive 15,000-square-foot showroom in the charming and historic town of Conover, NC. A year later, Jerome W. Bolick becomes President of Southern Furniture. He maintains ownership today.

Eco-friendly upholstery

Southern Furniture is driven by a desire to improve the lives of our customers while upholding a genuine respect for our community and the environment. From how we design and craft our eco-friendly upholstery to how we package and ship our products, our mission is to create a product that looks and feels great in the home and adds — not takes away — from the world in which we live. As a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, we are proud of our commitment to work toward a sustainable planet for the future.

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